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How can one Get Their Turkish Electronic Visa or e-Visa

Turkish Electronic Visa or e-Visa application steps
First things first, let us assume the user either carries an ordinary passport or an identity card. If he/she is not sure about their passport type, here they can get an idea on the difference between an official and an ordinary passport.
There are nine unique and simple steps to complete. Always make sure that you have the necessary documents and a valid credit card to complete the process.
Step 1 – Open up any of your preferred browser and then go to The above website is available in multiple languages.
Step 2 – Click on Turkey e-Visa ‘Apply now’ button on the upper right corner. Now select the appropriate country and the passport or equivalent identity card (of the chosen country) which you will be using. Also to prove you’re human type the displayed captcha. Then click on ‘Save and Continue’
Step 3 – Enter your date of arrival. At this step, you will get quite a bit of important information: how long your visa w…