5 Basic things to be remembered before you visit Turkey

1. A Valid Turkey Visa

It is simple to get a Turkey Visa Online for citizens of many countries. First things first, try to check if your passport or other valid document needs a Turkish Visa Stamp by visiting the official site of Turkey Visa for more Information. Most of the times the citizens of other countries need entrance of Turkish borders might be very packed and also the approval processes might take more time. In order to overcome all these issues, travelers can easily obtain Turkey e-Visa through Turkey Visa Online Application System. Point to be noted is that try to carry a photocopy of that beforehand which will allow you to save a lot of time.

2. Local Currency

The currency which is used locally in Turkey is Turkish Lira, represented as TL locally and also known the international money abbreviation for the same. In case if you want to buy Turkish Lira in your own country it can prove much costlier. However, travelers can try exchanging their currency like US Dollars or Euro almost at all places in Turkey without any difficulty.
As many of the frequent travelers know how they can get a better exchange rate in turkey rather than exchanging the money at airport offices for a higher rate. The reason behind this is the most of the exchange offices won’t get a commission. There is another alternative which can be a better option i.e. having money in your bank accounts such that you can withdraw from ATMs and travelers can easily find at least 1-2 ATMs even in remote places. Travelers can also try using the Credit cards which are widely accepted throughout turkey

3. Mobile Connectivity

In Turkey, we have their major telecom operators. They are Turkcell, Avea, and Vodafone. In case the travelers have roaming option mobile phone, they will automatically get connected to one of those. The roaming charges cannot be predicted as turkey is not a part of EU and thus it is considered in a category called as "other countries".
As per the new amendment in the Turkish law passed in 2012, the foreigners with mobile phones with Turkish SIM cards should register their IMEI number to different tax offices, which includes an approximate charge of 56USD/41EUR.
However, the travelers with unregistered mobile phones should be careful as your mobile phones might get blocked within 14 days. To overcome this types of issues and to stay connected with you near ones try to get a Wi-Fi connection.

4. Where to Shop in turkey

If we compare shopping at Turkey to other countries like the US and Europe it is cheaper. Travelers can try visiting Turkish websites o view few photos of different places to shop in the turkey like (Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, and street markets) by this you can imagine how simple the shopping in Turkey is. Travelers will enjoy visiting Istanbul twice than the locals.

5. Clothing – What to wear?
The majority of the people in Turkey follow Islamic religion. According to the recent stats, over 95% of the Turkish population is made of Muslims. In some cases, Turkish women cover their heads with a cloth or a scarf. Frequent travelers can easily visualize this scenario. However, as a tourist, you need not worry about your attire. People in Turkey are very friendly towards the tourists and they even try to communicate.

Few things which every tourist needs to remember is that you should wear clothes which have to cover your knees and in case of women, they need to cover their hair with a scarf or a cloth if you visit any of the religious buildings and places.


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