What should we know about a Turkish Electronic Visa or e-Visa

Eligibility criteria to fill a Turkey eVisa Online Application 

We should make this clear right from the start, as this is applicable only for tourist or trade visas! For other purposes like work or study and one must apply for a visa through Turkish Embassies or Consulates in their country.

If we analyze this scenario, citizens of different nationalities were easily travelling to Turkey with valid documents like a valid passport or identity card, and also by buying a tourist visa at the border crossing. Usually, a sticker used to be pasted on the individual's passport or on a piece of paper, hence it derived a name called as ‘sticker visa’. If we observe the stats till 2014, the Turkish government has decided to minimize the waiting and queuing times at the various border crossings by introducing a new concept called the Electronic Visa or e-Visa. However, few countries have a provision to get the sticker visa but they have to bare a higher fee. The main advantage of e-Visa is that it is quick and 

A Turkish e-Visa is similar to applying for (and receiving) a Turkish tourist visa online right from your home. You just need to follow few series of steps through which you provide them with the required information. Here an individual can pay the fee using a credit card and lastly print out your visa.

Who all can get a Turkish Visa or e-Visa online?

Who are eligible to get one?

Currently, we have citizens of more than 100 countries who are eligible to get an Electronic Visa. Since there are many countries are added and removed over time, we should be able to see whether citizens of various countries are currently eligible for an e-Visa.


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