Turkey Visa Application Online for Indians

A Larger proportion of the countries expect that the Indian passport holders must obtain a visa before traveling to their port of entry. Respectively, each country has its own defined rules, regulations and pre-requisites. Let us start with the most frequently asked questions.

Do the Indian Passport Holders require a Visa to visit Turkey?

Indian passport holders need a legitimate visa to visit Turkey for different purposes like travel, tourism, work or study. The only exception is for the Indians who are passengers of cruises at Turkish ports. But, if the Indian citizen is embarking or debarking from a cruise in Turkey, they will require a visa.

What is the Maximum time period for which an Indian Citizen can stay in Turkey?

Indian citizens who hold an ordinary passport or a visa for tourism purposes can stay in Turkey for a maximum period of 30 days. If they wish to stay longer time period, must apply to a local Police Station for a residency permit.

What is the Fee for an Indian to apply for a Turkey Visa?

Turkish E-Visa fee for Indian citizens (must hold a legitimate Passport) it costs US$58 and it might remain valid for a 180-day window. This visa is valid only for one entry.

Turkish Visa for Indians Requirements

Indian citizens must have a passport which should be valid for at least a period of 90 days after their entry into the country. Also, the Indian visa holder must show that they have a return ticket, hotel reservation, and at least US$75 for each day of their stay.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Turkish Visa Online for Indians?

Turkish visa might undertake a processing which takes as little as 15 minutes with online visa through the Turkish eVisa website.

Turkish eVisa Online Application Form

The application form can be found at the turkeyevisa.online website.


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